Areas of Specialization:   Philosophy of language, Moral philosophy, Metaethics, Aesthetics, Philosophy of Psychoanalysis

  Areas of Competence:    Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Mind, Epistemology

Research projects

With my PhD thesis I examined certain experiences in our human lives that seem to have an absolute, inexpressible value, and I focused on the dissatisfaction with meaning that seems to arise when one attempts to put this into words. Examples of such experiences include both witnessing the compelling power of beauty and goodness, and experiences of horrifying evil and despair.
I argued that the dissatisfaction with meaning that can arise when one attempts to express such experiences reveals a more general difficulty with meaning, namely that meaning is not grounded in anything other than our forms of life. This creates a question about one’s own involvement in meaning; undertaking to follow this question can allow for a more creative and subsequently richer existence.

My more recent research focuses on the ethical character of the aesthetic judgment, and the post-Kantian Romantic idea that an encounter with natural beauty can cause moral awakening.

I also work on the philosophy of psychoanalysis, and more specifically on the role that talking plays for self-attainment.