On astonishmentMonocle 24 Radio, 2019

On Fantasy, Forum for Philosophy, LSE, 2021


Public talks and debates

The End of Good and Evil, debate with Rowan Williams, Richard Wrangham, and Slavoj Žižek, speaker, How the Light Gets In Festival, May 2023

The 26th British Wittgenstein Society Lecture, January 2022

Wittgenstein, Lacan, and astonishment: Maria Balaska in conversation with Dany Nobus, Freud Museum, January 2021

Mind, Maps and Reality, Debate with Lisa Feldman Barrett, Quassim Cassam and Hilary Lawson, host, Institute of Arts and Ideas TV, August 2021

The search for meaning, debate with James Tartaglia and Rupert Sherdrake, speaker, How the Light Gets In Festival, September 2021

The return of Metaphysics, debate with Patricia Churchland, Hilary Lawson, and Galen Strawson, host, How the Light Gets In Festival, September 2021

Psychoanalysis, philosophy, and the wisdom of youth, interview for the Institute of Art and Ideas, September 2021


Short articles

Still LifeLos Angeles Review of Books, 2020

The Great Escape, Los Angeles Review of Books, 2021

Place in the sun, Monocle’s Summer Weekly 2019

Moments of wonder, Monocle’s Summer Weekly 2019

Aristotle’s life hacks, Monocle’s Summer Weekly 2019