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I was born and brought up in Preveza, Greece, a town located next to the ruins of the ancient Actia Nicopolis and surrounded by beautiful landscape. This is also where I acquired some of the skills that opened up new worlds for me: I learnt to read Ancient Greek, to speak English and French, to read music and play the piano.

In 2002 I moved to Athens to study Psychology. Gradually, I became particularly interested in psychoanalysis and more specifically in Freud’s and Lacan’s writings. From 2006 till 2009 I worked as a psychotherapist mostly with children but also adults, and I was member of the Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Unit of the St-Sophia University hospital for Children (Athens, Greece).
Wishing to combine psychoanalysis with other areas of thought, I decided to do an MA in Political Science, followed by a PhD thesis in Philosophy that brought together Ludwig Wittgenstein and Jacques Lacan on the question of limits of language. A version of the thesis is published as my first monograph .

In 2010 I was awarded a 4-year PhD scholarship from the A. Onassis Foundation , which enabled me to complete my PhD studies in Paris, France, given that the Greek debt crisis had already begun. This ongoing crisis is making it more and more difficult for Greek researchers to work and earn a living.

I have lived and worked in Greece, France, the Czech Republic, and the UK. Although philosophy is a form of homesickness, as Heidegger liked to say -quoting Novalis, I have in the past few years found a home in London, UK.